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We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of waterproofing, damp proofing, internal and external waterproofing products at higly competitive trade prices. We are able to fulfill all your damp and waterproofing requirements.

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Unique, decorative, fashionable decorating products since 1995.Our number 1 micro top polished concrete as known in France as "Béton Ciré" is widely use in apartment, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, boutiques...From small projects for private home owners to big commercial projects (architects, contractors, interior designers...) get the best and revolutionary decorating products directly from us.

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Leader in specialist cleaning products, no matter how severe is your problem, we have the solution! A wide range of the highest quality industrial cleaning products at very affordable price delivered right to your door! An extensive range of solutions have been tailored to ensure that it cure all your problem as mould, rust... without any potential risk to human health.

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Arcane Industries has been developing,creating , and selling waterproof, water repellent, water resistant, decoration products for over 20 years.

We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of waterproofing, damp proofing, decorating and cleaning products for building renovation, preservation and decoration. Our products with a high efficiency, high quality and very long lasting result, are widely used by professionals and individuals in building preservation, building restoration and building renovation. As a manufacturer, our online store can offer you all our products with the best price with the highest quality. You will find for each product: full technical information, data sheets downloadable.



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