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CONSTRUCTION JOINTS - Waterproof wall to floor joints




If a joint exists between the horizontal structure and the wall (vertical structure) in a swimming pool or underground structure (basement, cellar etc.), we recommend rounding off the right angles with a fillet before applying ARCACEM or ARCACEM S2  (seeTips & Advice Forming a Fillet).





 (1) Using an adapted tool, make a hole along the floor to wall

       joint as shown.


(2) Insert ARCAFLEX into the space drilled out or

      ARCASTOP if an important leak or running

      water is present through the hole.  See:

     Treat major leaks before waterproofing 

     Round if off to form a fillet.

(3) Apply a 1st coat of ARCACEM or ARCACEM S2


(4) Embed a layer of our reinforcing fibreglass

      mesh, ARCAFIBRE.


(5) Apply a 2nd coat ARCACEM or ARCACEM S2.











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