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Etanchéité transparente pour terrasse carrelée

  • KIT ARCACLEAR - Résine transparente étanchéité pour terrasse carrelée Système ARCACLEAR kit ARCACLEAR KIT - Arcaclear transparent waterproof coating kit Ref : p-3700043484238 Arcaclear is an unique transparent ultra concentrated liquid waterproof resin that will adhere to all support. Arcaclear comes in Kit and will waterproof balconies, terraces, ceramic surfaces, glass, brick walls, natural stone, plastics, wood 265,00 £Inc VAT See more
  •  ARCACLEAR FINISH - Arcaclear Matte finish transparent waterproofing matte finish  ARCACLEAR FINISH - Arcaclear Matte finish transparent waterproofing matte finish Ref : p-3700043484351 Arcaclear Finish is a mono-component transparent polyrethane coating used over Arcaclear resin or Arcaclear traffic resin to obtain a matte finish. 39,99 £Inc VAT See more
  • ARCACLEAR PRIMAIRE SUPPORT FERMÉ - Arcaclear primaire promoteur d'adhérence support lisse fermé  ARCACLEAR P1 - Arcaclear Primer for non-porous surfaces Ref : p-3700043484207 ARCACLEAR PRIMER is an adhesion promoter to be used with Arcaclear resin for all non porous surface (Note: Typical non-porous surfaces are: glass, ceramic or glazed tiles, laminated wood or varnished surfaces), it activates ceramic and glass, terrace tiled surfaces and cures by reaction with ground and air moisture. 39,99 £Inc VAT See more
  • ARCACLEAR - Etanchéité carrelage transparente résine polyuréthane terrasse balcon piscine  ARCACLEAR RESIN - Arcaclear transparent waterproofing resin Ref : p-3700043484320 Arcaclear is an higly resistant transparent binding and waterproofing resin which waterproofs glass, glass brick, ceramic tile, mosaic tile. Waterproofs surfaces made of loose tiles, mosaics, stones or other aggregated decorative surfaces, waterproofs porous trowelled surfaces, waterproofs tiled terraces and balconies without having to tear out tiling and... 51,00 £Inc VAT See more
  • ARCACLEAR PRIMAIRE SUPPORT POREUX - primaire pour résine Arcaclear ARCACLEAR P2 - Arcaclear Primer for porous surfaces Ref : p-3700043484702 A transparent resin used as an adhesion promoter to improve adhesion of waterproof transparent ARACLEAR, ARCACLEAR PRIMER for porous surfaces is used on porous surface (wood, concrete, screed, cement, stone, brick...) 39,00 £Inc VAT See more
  • ARCACLEAR TRAFIC - Résine de finition circulable etancheite transparente Arcaclear ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC - ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC transparent waterproof membrane anti-slip and resistant to foot traffic Ref : p-3700043484719 A mono-componante solvant based product with high covering capacity, ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC is a tintable transparent waterproof membrane that will render Arcaclear resin high traffic resistant. Arcaclear traffic gives a reinforced protection against mechanical, thermal, or chemical agression such as oils, grease, damp, acids and diluted inorganic bases and... 39,00 £Inc VAT See more

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