Number 1 resin based TANKING system: keep water out of your basement with Arcacem Basement-Cellar, keep water in your swimming pool with Arcacem Pool

tanking slurry waterproof cementitious system for pool basement cellar fountain bassin

Waterproof Cement Tanking Systems are a well proven waterproofing solution to render your structures resistant to water pressure (in case of pool) and infiltration (in the case of basements, cellars and underground room).

Resin Based VS Water Based Waterproofing Cementitious Tanking System:

There are many reasons why professional prefer a resin based waterproofing cementitious tanking system compare to a water based waterproofing cementitious tanking system:

  • More resistant with extra last long lasting effect
    A Resin based tanking system will last 10 times longer than a water based tanking system
  • Water pressure & counter pressure resistant
  • Will be more adherent to any masonry surfaces (avoid tanking detachment from the support)
  • Easiest application with a smoother product due to our high quality resin properties
  • Prefered by professionals in building preservation, building restoration and building renovation

Arcacem Pool VS Arcacem Basement & Cellar:

Arcacem Pool has been exclusively designed to be used inside inground concrete pool in order to resist to important water pressure
(For above-ground pool prefer Arcacem S2 with Arcafibre which is more flexible)
Arcacem Basement & Cellar has been exclusively designed to resist to extreme counter pressure

Arcacem Pool and Arcacem S2 are also used to keep water from leaking out of a building structure such as :water tanks or water reservoirs.

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Arcacem Resin Based Tanking Slurry System Advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure (water pressure and counter-pressure)
  • Non toxic
  • Protects and waterproofs old and new exterior masonry surfaces (above-grade, below-grade or in immersion)
  • Resistant to high water pressure
  • Uses the dampness of the substrate to strengthen and reinforce its bonding and waterproofing performance
  • Can be applied horizontally and vertically to the internal or external face
  • Micro-porous, will allow the substrate to breathe
  • Can be covered with paint or tiling, concrete screed or slab
  • Odourless
  • Can be applied to poured concrete, reinforced concrete, aerated concrete, traditional masonry, agglomerated masonry blocks, expanded polystyrene coatings, asphalt
  • Resistant to salt water
  • no extra thickness or weight to your original surface (important if door opens onto the terrace or builiding regulations limit the weight.

Arcacem system features:

ARCACEM system is a cement based waterproof tanking system consisting of hydraulic binders (cement powder, aggregates and chemical additives) and resins in dispersion.

ARCACEM system is a non-toxic, waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion.
Arcacem system is a waterproof tanking system which is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure whether it is applied from the inside (pressure against your swimming pool structure, for example) or the outside (pressure from the outside against your building structure).

Arcacem system works by blocking the capillary pore structure of the concrete surface to liquid water ingress while remaining permeable to water vapour ( which allows any entrapped moisture to escape and the struture to 'breathe').
Penetrating into the pores of the substrate, our waterproof tanking product will become one with your structure (and cannot be pushed off by water pressure).

The waterproof tanking system Arcacem does not add heavy weight and additional thickness to your existing structure (3mm) while proving extremely resistant to high hydrostatic pressure.

Tanking in existing structures is applied internally (the inner walls of basements or swimming pools) and its performance will depend on the strength of its bond to the surface. ARCACEM is not only easy to use by simply mixing the two pre-batched components provided, it provides a waterproof coating which adheres perfectly to damp surfaces, cement and fresh mortar.

Arcacem basement and cellar the perfect way to convert a damp cellar or basement into a living space:

There is many advantages to convert a damp cellar or basement with Arcacem Basement & Cellar:

  • Can considerably increase the value of a property,
  • Inexpensive
  • Convert damp cellar or basement into bathrooms, wine cellars, kitchens, recording studios, restaurants, nightclubs, bars...
  • Gain extra storage

Arcacem Basement & Cellar , Arcacem Pool, available in 2 colours:

Grey Colour:

Arcacem waterproof tanking resin based grey colourgrey colour waterproofing tanking system arcacem pool

*Resistant to salt water The 25 kg kit of GREY ARCACEM can be used in agressive environments (mountains, seafront, salt water pools) where salt water or water with a high rate of sulfates is present. Resistance to compression: 52.5

White colour:

Arcacem white colourArcacem tanking basement and cellar white colour
* The 5 kg kit of WHITE ARCACEM is not salt water resistant nor is it resistant to water with a high presence of sulfates.Resistance to compression: 32.5

A complete waterproof and tanking system, Arcacem system can be covered with a decorative paint such as ARCAPOOL or tiling (in swimming pools, for example) or the waterproofing tanking product can be left as is (when applied in water reservoirs , for example).

arcacem pool waterproof tanking system with arcapool pool paint

Arcacem Pool (grey) + Arcapool Swimming Pool Paint Graphite Black RAL 9011 colour

Arcacem tanking system for pool with arcapool pool paint

Arcacem Pool (grey) + Arcapool Swimming Pool Paint Yellow Sand colour

ARCACEM system protects:

  • Old and new masonry exteriors (elevated, underground or immerged)
  • Cement works subject to salt such as parapets, bridge piles, concrete guide rails, gutters, sidewalks, pavements,
  • Maritime wharfs and all Civil Engineering works
  • Exterior protection of water reservoirs and agricultural silos
  • Waterproofs tunnels, pits, galleries, collecting troughs

ARCACEM system waterproofs:

  • basements, cellars, below-grade construction
  • pools, basins, ponds, water treatment plants
  • concrete constructions, wall to foundation construction joints
  • top of foundation walls garage walls
  • parking lot structures
  • tunnels, tanks, galleries, sewage pipes
  • water reservoirs (interior coatings resistant to counter pressure)
  • water towers, water purification plants

How to apply Arcacem System?


Do not apply under direct hot sun or on hot surface. In the summer, apply in the morning.
Avoid application if strong wind and/or rain are present.
Do not apply ARCACEM on frozen substrates or if freezing temperatures are forecast within 24 hours.

Surface preparation:

Careful attention to the preparation of the surface is essential to guarantee bonding.
The surface must be clean, sound, and free of loose or friable materials.
Where the surface is dry or hot to touch, WET DOWN THE ENTIRE SURFACE BEFORE APPLICATION.
IMPORTANT : We highly recommend forming a fillet at the wall to floor junction before applying Arcacem. (you can use a mixture of mortar + Arcalatex)
This area is one of the most leak-prone areas of basements and the focal point of stress caused by movement and settlement. Concave fillets installed in the wall/floor junction won't eliminate all movement between the wall against the floor, but the stresses are spread over the area of the rounded out fillet, instead of being focused on the point of that 90° angle.
Arcacem system applies easier and better (no build-up in sharp angles) to the rounded off surface.

Cracked areas should be treated with ARCACEM S2 (which is more flexible) and reinforced with ARCAFIBRE.

fix cracked concrete with arcacem s2 and arcafibre

Product preparation:

Pour the resin into a large container.
Stir in the powder slowly and progressively.
It takes a full minute for the mixture to start bonding (adding ARCACEM from this point on will not pose a mixing problem).
Mix for 2 to 3 minutes, the paste should be of uniform colour, creamy in texture and homogeneous without lumps. Let it sit a few minutes prior to application. Use within 2 hours.


waterproof tanking system arcacem applied with brush

ARCACEM BROSSEWe recommend applying the 1st coat with a cement brush. The brush vibrating movement pushes the Arcacem deep into the substrate. A trowel application may be done for the to coatif you desire a smooth finish.Stir material thoroughly before application and periodically during application to maintain a homogeneous mixture throughout the application process. Apply with a smoothing trowel, brush or roller or project mechanically.

ARCACEM is applied in 2 coats minimum. The 1st coat may be reinforced (firmly embedding the reinforcement fibreglass mesh ARCAFIBRE). The 2nd coat is applied once the 1st has completely hardened (minimum 4 hours in optimal drying conditions).

1st coat: apply with a brush or a smoothing trowel (a brush is better as it creates a massaging effect which causes the product to penetrate deeply into the pores of the substrate). The coat should be approximately 2 to 3mm thick.
Apply the reinforcing mesh if necessary. It may not be necessary to reinforce the entire surface but we highly recommend reinforcing the corners, cracks and joints. Each strip of reinforcing mesh must overlap another by 5cm.

2nd coat: Apply ARCACEM to cover the entire surface, approximately 1 to 2mm thick
3rd coat: If the substrate must resist high counter pressure (swimming pools), we recommend a 3rd coat - approximately 1 to 2mm thick.
Wet down the surface for the first coat only not between coats


ARCACEM waterproof tanking system can be covered by a concrete screed or slab, tiling or a number of other top coatings.
It is possible to tint ARCACEM with ARCACOLORS, maximum 3% of total weight. Not recommended for work subject to UV.Storage
Store in unopened containers in a clean, dry area.
Keep material from freezing.

Coverage Rate:

Arcacem basement & cellar Coverage rate to apply to basements, cellars, underground stuctures:
On smooth surfaces (concrete slab, poured concrete) : TOTAL for 2 coats: 3kg per m² (1st coat: 1.5kg per m² - 2nd coat: 1.5kg per m²)
On rougher surfaces (brick, cement blocks, stone): TOTAL for 2 coats: 4kg per m² (1st coat: 2.5kg per m² - 2nd coat: 1.5kg per m²)

Arcacem Pool Coverage rate to apply to swimming pools, water resevoir, fountains, etc.:
On smooth surfaces (concrete slab, poured concrete) : TOTAL for 3 coats: 4.5 kg per m² (1.5kg per m² for each coat)
On uneven surfaces (cement blocks, stone): TOTAL for 3 coats: 5.5 kg per m² (1st coat: 2.5kg per m² - 2nd and 3rd coats: 1.5kg per m²)ARCACEM will attain its optimal performance after 28 days drying time. However the following actions may be undertaken sooner:
- light foot traffic dry : 48 hours (at 20°C and 60 % relative humidity)
- Filling reservoirs : 12 days<with water immediately after use

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