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A high performance blend of hydraulic cement, quality sand and additives, ARCASTOP is a quick setting mortar designed to instantly plug all active water leaks.

Use ARCASTOP if you need a rapid setting and durable stop to water leaking through cracks, joints or faults in cement, concrete, stucco, plaster...


Arcastop puts an instant stop to leaks and prepares the surface prior to waterproofing.


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Complementary and / or Alternative Solutions

2 pack sizes: 5 kg and 25kg

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  • quick setting (5 minutes)
  • rapid strength gain
  • ready to mix
  • high durability and low shrinkage
  • instantly stop water leaking through foundation walls,
    wells, underground passages, reservoirs and settling tanks
  • stops the flow of running water on surfaces to be waterproofed
  • repairs gaps and cracks on walls and floors, internally or externally
  • reinforces and stops water ingress through concrete, earthenware and reinforced sewer pipes and drains
  • Seals cracks and large holes
  • Seals Tunnel floors
  • Seals gaps around pipes




Pre-batched 2 component kit.




compressive strength after 2 hours:9 MPa

compressive strength after 24 hours: 12.5 MPa


Instructions for use




Application Conditions
Do not apply if air and/or substrate temperatures are < +5°C or above +30°C.


Product Preparation
Only mix the quantity you can use immediately. Once mixed, Arcastop must be applied within a minute to the surface. Prepare in small quantities at a time - 2 handfuls or 2 trowels of product maximum.
Mix with clean water to obtain a thick mortar grout. Do not over mix.


Surface Preparation
Enlarge the hole, crack or joint to be treated to obtain a recess measuring 2x2 cm minimum. The edges must be clean, solid and sharp.


If the crack to be plugged is very long, start at the outside areas and plug the crack progressively working towards the centre.

Sealing cracks

Let the mixed preparation sit for a few seconds then firmly press ARCASTOP into the enlarged crack and keep pressing firmly for approximately 1 minute.

Eliminate excess material with a trowel or by hand (wearing gloves) as soon as the product has set.

Arcastop sealing cracks
Sealing a large hole or crack

Apply ARCASTOP progressively, from outside towards the center until the entire hole or crack is covered.

Press ARCASTOP into the depth of the crack and apply pressure. Add top layers successively until the gap is closed at surface level.
sealing hole against water infiltration
Sealing a leak where the pressure is superior to 1 bar

Enlarge the hole, insert piping - partly rigid and partly flexible (to be able to orient the extending hose through which water will flow into a recepient and away from the wall. Press ARCASTOP around the the rigid hose and into the hole up to 2cm from the surface.

Plug or close off the end of the flexible hose and continue applying ARCASTOP over the hose pressing into the surface of the crack until the hose is completely covered and hidden within the mortar.
stopping a leak high water pressure
Sealing tunnel floors

Apply ARCASTOP over water flow on the surface area where the flow is weakest and apply progressively from this point inward towards the area where the leak is bigger. We recommend moving towards the major leak from both sides at the same time. Fill in and end by creating a "cat tongue" shaped flashing.
sealing tunnel leak
Sealing gaps around pipes

Fill gaps with ARCASTOP around the pipe outlet bit by bit maintaining pressure as applied.
sealing pipes


Prepare the product in small quantities - one handful at a time. The product must be applied within 60 seconds of mixing it.

Hold the ARCASTOP in place, applying pressure, for 1-2 minutes.

Curing time: 5 minutes

Clean tools with water immediately after use.


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