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ARCACLEAR is a one-component polyurethane transparent resin which renders a transparent waterproof membrane.   A high-technology waterproof membrane, ARCACLEAR renders a non-yellowing, alkali and UV resistant waterproof coating with long-lasting transparency and elasticity.  Even after ageing ARCACLEAR will protect your building materials from the elements, water ingress, freezing, pollution and acid rain.


It is particularly suited for waterproofing over tiled terraces, glass or glass brick, swimming pool mosaics or any surface which is decorative and which you do not wish to cover with a non-transparent waterproofing solution.     



A transparent waterproofing membrane:

  • for balconies and terraces

  • over ceramic tiles

  • over stone tiling

  • over wood decks

  • over transparent plastics (polyacrylate, polycarbonate)

  • over glass and glass brick


 ARCACLEAR comes in 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg pails


It can be ordered alone or in a kit providing complete TRANSPARENT WATERPROOFING treatment (from priming to finish).  

The ARCACLEAR kit is packaged to treat 5m² (approximately 50 square feet)  or 10m2 (approximately 100 square feet) per kit.  


Four types of kits are available depending on the frequency and quantity of foot traffic to which the surface will be subjected.

(1) no foot traffic (used over mosaics or tiling in swimming pool or on wall surfaces)

(2) rare foot traffic for maintenance purposes only

(3) frequent foot traffic within a private property

(4) frequent and heavy foot traffic in public areas

When ordering, click on the type of foot traffic to which the surface will be subjected, choose the surface area you wish to cover (5 or 10 m²), the primer adapted to your surface (porous or non porous) and the look you wish to achieve (shiny or matte).  Your kit will be composed of the components you need to cover your surface area.     

To see or order ARCACLEAR only:    ARCACLEAR P1 - PRIMER for non-porous surfaces  

To see or order ARCACLEAR PRIMER for porous surfaces only:    ARCACLEAR P2 - PRIMER for porous surfaces  



To see or order the anti-slip additive for ARCATRAFFIC:    CORUNDUM WHITE  




ARCACLEAR uses a unique moisture triggered curing system which does not form bubbles.

Also used as a transparent binder resin for sand carpet exterior floor coatings binding decorative elements such as coloured quartz, small flat stones etc., ARCACLEAR creates protective coating for your balconies or terraces.  It can be rendered anti-grip.


ARCACLEAR can also be used to bind and waterproof porous towelled surfaces. Decorative elements such as coloured quartz or sand carpets are bound together by the resin leaving you with a decorative and waterproof surface. ARCACLEAR protects all types of surfaces : wood - plastic - inorganic matter, and prevents carbonation and corrosion of concrete bars.


ARCACLEAR is transparent and therefore specially called for when waterproofing surfaces such as glass, glazed tiles, mosaics, ceramic tiles etc.  It is also used to renovate aged and porous thermoplastic surfaces which have hardened and cracked. (GFK, PMMA solid sheet, polycarbonates).


  • a transparent seamless 100% waterproof cover

  • Easy to apply (roller or airless spray)

  • permeable to water vapour (allowing the substrate to breathe)

  • Non-yellowing, UV resistant

  • can be applied over just about any building material where a transparent waterproof membrane is required (over tiling, glass, wood, etc.)

  • maintains mechanical properties at extreme temperatures (-30°C to +90°C)

  • Resistance to water and frost

  • Shiny or matte finish



Instructions for use ARCACLEAR :


Application conditions

  • Do not apply ARCACLEAR on surfaces treated with active silane, siloxane, silcon or other water repellents.

  • Do not apply if it is raining or snowing or if rain or snow are forecast with a 48-hour delay.

  • The moisture content of the surface must not exceed 5%.

Important:  The ARCACLEAR transparent waterproofing coat will cure well under normal climatic conditions (5-35° C, dry weather).  
Lower temperatures will slow down curing time and higher temperatures will accelerate the curing time.  


Surface preparation

Optimum performance is achieved by using the right combination of products, surface preparation and application procedures.  Careful attention to the preparation of the surface is essential. 

  • Surfaces to be coated must be dry, clean, sound and free of all contaminants, loose particles, dirt and dust.

  • Surfaces with trapped moisture (under tiling for instance) must be left to dry thoroughly before application. 

  • New concrete must be left to dry at least 28 days before applying ARCACLEAR.

  • Glass and glazed surfaces must be primed with ARCACLEAR PRIMER.


Repair Cracks and Joints before application

The careful and thorough repairing of cracks is important to ensure long-lasting waterproofing of the surface.  Clean all concrete cracks, hairline cracks, expansion joints etc.of dirt, dust and loose particles. Use a polyurethane mastic to seal.

All internal angles must be reinforced with ARCAMESH (embedded between 2 coats of ARCACLEAR). 


Product preparation

Arcaclear comes in nitrogen pressurized  pail to prevent air penetration. To open, follow the instructions on the pail carefully:

(1) Shake the pail to mix the product

(2) Do not pry the lid off

(3) Using a pointed screwdriver, make a small hole at the edge of the lid,

(4) Make a larger hole on the other side of the lid,

(5) Arcaclear can then be poured out onto the surface from this large opening.

            Note:  The openings can be sealed with scotch tape (the product will thicken slightly but will not deteriorate).




We recommend applying a coat of ARCACLEAR PRIMER P1 or P2 before applying ARCACLEAR to obtain optimum adhesion to all surfaces except transparent plastics (polycarbonate, polyacrylate,etc.).  

Your choice of primer will depend on whether or not your surface is porous or not.

  • Use ARCACLEAR P1 on non-pourous surfaces such as glass, linoleum, travertine and other "closed" building materials. ARCACLEAR P1 is obligatory when applying ARCACLEAR to non absorbent glazed surfaces such as ceramic tiles or glass bricks.  

  • Use ARCACLEAR P2 to prime porous surfaces such as screed, concrete or cement surfaces.   For more information, see the product data sheets. 

Using a dry clean cloth, apply 1 coat of ARCACLEAR P1 or ARCACLEAR P2 < 0,100 kg/m², rubbing the product into the surface and making sure that no area is left uncovered.  Change cloths often to ensure full degreasing while applying.





A minimum coverage rate  of 1 kg/m² in1 to 3 coats is necessary to obtain a dry film no more than1mm thick.  Note: We recommend using a serrated trowel (which most often permits an easily applied and sufficient 1-coat application)

  • Using a roller or a tooth or serrated trowel, apply the 1st coat, covering the entire surface area.  

  • Let dry 12(minimum) to 18 hours (maximum) and apply the 2nd coat 

The ARCACLEAR will dry to a shiny glazed finish. 

VERTICAL SURFACES: (wall, over swimming pool tiling, etc.) Use a roller and apply 3 coats.

In all cases, ensure that the coats are evenly spread and not more than 1 mm thick.

If you are ordering both ARCACLEAR RESIN and ARCACLEAR PRIMER (porous or non-porous), you can order in a pre-packaged kit, each kit treating 5m² or 10m2.  If you wish to obtain a matte finish, choose "matte" to order the ARCACLEAR MATTE FINISH.  If you wish to obtain a surface resistant to foot traffic, choose the kit which corresponds to your use (frequent and heavy in public areas, frequent in private properties for domestic foot traffic, rare foot traffic maintenance only or no foot traffic at all - swimming pools, walls etc.). 



The ARCACLEAR system dries to a shiny finish which can be slippery when wet.  If used on a surface which will be subjected to frequent foot traffic (public and private areas), Arcatraffic must be applied as a topcoat, integrating corondon white grain to render the surface anti-slip and reinforce its traffic bearing resistance.   ARCACLEAR MATTE FINISH is a transparent polyurethane coating which will leave your surface treated with ARCACLEAR with a matte finish.  

To obtain the matte finish, respect a coverage  rate of  0,1 kg/m² . The last coat of ARCACLEAR must have dried a minimum 12 hours and a maximum of 18 hours before applying ARCACLEAR FINISH.  Apply with a roller or tooth or serrated trowel

Drying time  

2 to 6 hours.

Recoatable: 12 hours minimum, 18 hours maximum between coats.

Note: Drying time will vary depending on the temperature and relative humidity. Arcaclear should not be applied if the relative humidity is very high as a prolonged drying time may affect the outcome and performance of the membrane.  We recommend applying when the temperature and relative humidity are within standard levels. 


0,8 - 1,2 kg/m2 in two or three coats (based on roller application over a smooth surface in optimum application conditions.  This rate may vary depending on surface porosity and application conditions.

A 1 kg pail will cover approximately 1m², a 5kg pail 5m² and a 10kg pail 10m².


Clean up  

acetone – xylène    



Can be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months.

Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight.  Storage temperature: 5-30oC.  Products should remain in their original, unopened

containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels.keep 1 year in original unopened packaging

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