Waterproof FLAT ROOFS and
TERRACES with 0% slope


Waterproof flat ROOFS and ROOF TERRACES with 0% slope (where ponding occurs or stagnating water may accumulate)

ARCATHANE ROOF WATERPROOFING is a liquid-applied, water based, modified polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing of flat roofs and terraces with substandard slope.





Render the membrane foot traffic resistant with ARCATHANE TRAFFICarcathane
Reinforce cracks and joints with ARCAMESH

Complementary and / or Alternative Solutions


1 size: 15 kg


  • monocomponent, easy to apply

  • waterproofs all concrete,cement fibre cement, asbestos cement, masonry an plaster surfaces

  • Arcathane can be applied locally to repair or treat part of the roof
  • Interior/Exterior - waterproof all flat surfaces (standard minimum slope not required)

  • water vapour permeable

  • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles

  • maintains it mechanical properties in temperature conditions from -15°C to + 70°C

  • renders a seamless 100% waterproof cover

  • durable and resistant to water stagnating

  • Excellent adhesion with no additional fixation or mechanical fasteners

  • the waterproof coating is as quick and easy to apply as paint with standard painting equipment

3 colours:
arcathane colours

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Used to provide a long-lasting waterproof membrane on roofs and terraces with 0% slope, ARCATHANE is a liquid, elastic modified polyurethane membrane based on innovative technology - long-chain polyurethane macromolecules are incorporated in a water medium forming stable dispersions. ARCATHANE offers the high level properties of solvent based products in an ecological, consumer and evironmentally friendly, water-based, low VOC, no ADR transport product.

When waterproofing a roof or roof terrace having a minimum slope of 3%, ARCAROOF can be used.



  • waterproof flat roofs and roof terraces having 0% slope
  • balconies 0% slope
  • terraces 0% slope
  • decks and wet areas (under tile)
  • protection of polyrethane foam insulation
  • waterproof and protect concrete constructions, drywall, cement boards, wood, metal, etc


Instructions for use




Application Conditions
Do not apply in temperatures <5°C or >80°C, if wind, rain, freezing.


Surface Preparation
Optimum performance is achieved by using the right combination of products, surface preparation and application procedures. Careful attention to the preparation of the surface is essential:
  • Surfaces to be coated must be dry, clean, sound and free of all contaminants, loose particles, dirt and dust.
    The humidity of the substrate must not exceed 8%.

  • Scrape and brush off all moss. The surface must be disinfected with a fungicidal product such as ARCAMOSS. Wait 24 to 48 hours before applying ARCATHANE to a treated surface.

  • New concrete surfaces must have been left to dry at least 28 days before applying the ARCATHANE.

  • Old surfaces must be levelled out before application (cracks and irregularities filled in with a polyurethane mastic).

  • Careful sealing of existing cracks and joints before the application is extremely important for long lasting waterproofing results. Fill all prepared cracks and joints with a polyurethane sealant. Let dry min 48 hours.


Application Tools
Apply with a paint brush or roller.

Application on flat smooth surface requiring no reinforcement mesh:
1st coat: Dilute the product with 5 to 10% water and apply. This % will depend on the porosity of your surface. Let dry 24 to 36 hours.
2nd coat: Apply a coat of undiluted product (as you would a paint). Let dry.


Application over repaired joints, cracks or weak spots requiring the use of the reinforcement mesh:
Repaired joints, cracks or weak spots such as protruding pipes, internal angles, chimney flashings etc. must be reinforced with ARCAMESH.
1st coat: Apply the 1st coat ARCATHANE, immediately embed the ARCAMESH (pressing the mesh firmly into the wet coat smoothing out any air bubbles with a dry roller or trowel) and apply a
2nd coat: to firmly embed the mesh and saturate the surface «wet on wet». Let dry 24 to 36 hours.
3rd coat: Apply a coat of undiluted product (as you would a paint). Let dry..


Can be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months.
Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: 5-30oC. Products should remain in their original, unopened
containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels.



without Arcamesh: 1,8 kg par m²
Primer coat : 300 g per m²
1st coat : 750 g per m²
2nd coat : 750 g per m² (applied once the 1st coat is dry : 24 hours)

with Arcamesh: 2,6 kg par m²
Primer coat : 300 g per m²
1st coat : 1 kg per m²
Immediately embed Arcamesh in the freshly applied coat and press in to chase out any air.
2nd coat : 1 kg per m², immediately to firmly embed the Arcamesh in the Arcathane
3rd coat : 300 g per m², (applied once the 1st coat is dry : 24 hours)

Dry to touch
(at 20°C): 6 hours
Recoatable: 24 hours minimum.
Curing time: 7 days

with water immediately after use

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