Arcaclear Traffic anti-slip foot traffic resistant



ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC is a tintable transparent, mono-componante solvant based product with high covering capacity.  It reacts with the humidity in the air to dry to a stable, non-yellowing transparent coating highly resistant to chemicals. 

Arcaclear Traffic is used on interior and exterior surfaces to protect and reinforce the ARCACLEAR system:

  • for domestic and public foot traffic

  • in parking lots for light and heavy vehicle traffic

  • warehouses, quays, industrial plants

 Arcaclear Traffic is used to stabilize and protect all types of porous, non-calcareous surfaces or weakened surfaces, hydraulically bound bases etc. 

Arcaclear traffic us used to render a reinforced protection against mechanical, thermal, or chemical agression such as oils, grease, damp, acids and diluted inorganic bases and any other soiling or corrosive liquid. 

Arcaclear Traffic is totally inert when in contact with rain or drinking water or solid and liquid foods and agricultural products.



 ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC is available in 1 kg pails


It can be ordered alone or in a kit providing complete TRANSPARENT WATERPROOFING treatment (from priming to finish).  

The ARCACLEAR system is packaged to treat 5m² (approximately 50 square feet)  or 10m2 (approximately 100 square feet) per kit.  


Four types of kits are available depending on the frequency and quantity of foot traffic to which the surface will be subjected.

(1) no foot traffic (used over mosaics or tiling in swimming pool or on wall surfaces)

(2) rare foot traffic for maintenance purposes only

(3) frequent foot traffic within a private property

(4) frequent and heavy foot traffic in public areas

When ordering, click on the type of foot traffic to which the surface will be subjected, choose the surface area you wish to cover (5 or 10 m²), the primer adapted to your surface (porous or non porous) and the look you wish to achieve (shiny or matte).  Your kit will be composed of the components you need to cover your surface area.

     To visualize or order a kit :   ARCACLEAR KIT

To see or order ARCACLEAR only:    ARCACLEAR RESIN  

To see or order ARCACLEAR PRIMER for porous surfaces only:    ARCACLEAR P1 - PRIMER for non-porous surfaces  

To see or order ARCACLEAR PRIMER for porous surfaces only:    ARCACLEAR P2 - PRIMER for porous surfaces  


To see or order the anti-slip additive for ARCATRAFFIC:    CORUNDUM WHITE 



-  easy to apply with a brush, roller or airless

-  excellent adhesion to porous surfaces 

-  fast drying

-  food safe 

-  resistant to water stagnation

-  UV,  pollution and freeze-defreeze resistant



Instructions for use ARCACLEAR TRAFFIC :  

Surface preparation

Optimum performance is achieved by using the right combination of products, surface preparation and application procedures.  Careful attention to the preparation of the surface is essential. 

  • Treat any spore, lichenor any other fungi with a fungicide. Thoroughly rinse the surface and dry completely (naturally or forced drying for organic, metal, wood or thermoplastic bases). 

  • Degrease and strip the surfaces of any wax, oil, animal or vegetable grease and hydrocarbons, especially hydraulic, inorganic, .organic, metal, wood and thermoplastic bases).

  • Clean the surface of any and all laitance, curing compounds and additives with a high pressure wash (140 bars minimum) and dry completely (forced drying for hydraulic or modified hydraulic cement systems).

  • Sand, blast, plane and bursh all hydraulic or modified hydraulic cement systems, wood, metal, calcium or inorganic surfaces. 

  • Chemically treat all thermoplastic and thermosetting bases.

  • Sand, strip, brush and blast all metal surfaces.

  • Thoroughly dust all surfaces.


Repair Cracks and Joints before application

The careful and thorough repairing of cracks is important to ensure long-lasting waterproofing of the surface.  Clean all concrete cracks, hairline cracks, expansion joints etc.of dirt, dust and loose particles. Use a polyurethane mastic to seal.

All internal angles must be reinforced with ARCAMESH (embedded between 2 coats of ARCACLEAR).  



Easy to apply, Arcaclear traffic must nonetheless be applied with care to obtain a transparent film of the proper thickness.  Temperature conditions and relative humidity must be within the application limits explained as they will affect the curing time and performance of Arcaclear Traffic.

Arcaclear Traffic should be mixed with an electric mixer to obtain a homogenous product before application.

Pour Arcaclear Traffic into a suitable roller tray and always apply from the tray to the surface. (Do not pour Arcaclear Traffic onto the surface and spread out from a large quantity placed directly on the surface).


Application tools 

  • nap roller 12mm or 18mm attached to a Y-shaped handle to apply smoothly (the roller should be flattened in the tray to hold a minimum amount of product and avoid splashing on a thick coat which must be pulled out on the surface).

  • rubber rake or squeegee, followed by a nap roller 12mm or 18mm attached to a Y-shaped handle 

  • paintbrush, for application on the edges, joint areas or areas which are difficult to access

  • airless



Arcaclear system

domestic foot traffic:  1 coat application 200 g/m², integrating the white corundum 70 to 120 microns to 30g per m² to render an anti-slip surface.

Public foot traffic: 2 coat application200 g/m² per coat, total of 400 g/m² integrating the white corundum 70 to 120 microns to 30g per m² to render an anti-slip surface.

As a protection and reinforcement coat (outside of the Arclear system):

100 to 300 gr/m² per coat, in 1 or 2 coats depending on the surface and its use.


Clean up  

acetone – xylène immediately after use    



Can be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months.

Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight.  Storage temperature: 5-30oC.  Products should remain in their original, unopened

containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels.keep 1 year in original unopened packaging

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