Arcathane Traffic foot traffic resistant

Waterproof FLAT ROOFS and
TERRACES with 0% slope



ARCATHANE TRAFFIC is a protective coating applied over Arcathane to render flat roofs and terraces foot traffic resistant.

Protective and resistant to foot traffic, Arcathane Traffic is designed as a top coat over the ARCANTHANE waterproof membrane.

arcathane trafficArcathane Traffic


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1 size:
3.6 kg



  • monocomponent, easy to apply

  • Safe to apply: no solvants or unpleasant odours

  • Arcathane Traffic is cold applied

  • Interior/Exterior - waterproof all flat surfaces (standard minimum slope not required)

  • water vapour permeable

  • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles

  • maintains it mechanical properties in temperature conditions from -30°C to + 80°C

  • Non yellowing and UV resistant

  • Applied in light colours, provides improved thermal insulation

  • Excellent adhesion with no additional fixation or mechanical fasteners

  • Private property use

3 colours
satin finish


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ARCATHANE TRAFFIC is composed of modified flexible, water-based, polyurethane resins (with no additives or acrylic resins of lesser quality).


With excellent foot traffic resistance, it is recommended as a top coat for ARCATHANE waterproofing membranes when applied to a flat surface which will be subjected to foot traffic on a regular basis:

  • waterproofing of exterior surfaces: flat roofs, terraces, balconies, etc.
  • waterproofing of interior surfaces: wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, etc.


Designed to render Arcathane waterproofing foot traffic resistant when applied to:


  • waterproof flat roofs and roof terraces having 0% slope
  • waterproof balconies 0% slope
  • waterproof terraces 0% slope
  • waterproof decks



Instructions for use ARCATHANE TRAFFIC

Application conditions:
Do not apply Arcathane Traffic in rainy or freezing weather conditions or if rain or freezing temperatures are expected within 48 hours of application.


Surface preparation
As a Finish over Arcathane freshly applied : Apply the Arcathane Traffic coat as soon as the Arcathane has dried (24 hours) directly over the Arcathane membrane.Note: When applied to give a foot traffic resistant finish over an old Arcathane membrane, the surface must be well prepared (chemical cleaning, acetone degreasing) prior to application.


Product preparation
Arcathane Traffic should be mixed with an electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous product before application. Pour Arcathan Traffic into a suitable tray or bucket.


Application Tools
nap roller 12 mm or 18mm, airless


Using a nap roller 12mm or 18mm apply the product, in a criss-cross manner, dipping the roller into the product and taking off excess product frequently. Do not pour the product onto the surface and spread out from there.

Use a paint brush paintbrush, for application on the edges, joint areas or areas which are difficult to access.

The Arcathane Traffic coat must have a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm and a maximum thickness of 0.3 mm. One coat is sufficient to give protection and foot traffic resistance to a surface used on a moderate, normal basis (domestic use). Two coats should be applied if very frequent or heavy foot traffic is expected.

Easy to apply, Arcathane traffic must nonetheless be applied with care to obtain a film of the proper thickness. Relative humidity must not exceed 60% and minimum temperature during application must be less than 5°C or more than 30°C. Temperature conditions and relative humidity must be


Store Arcathane Traffic in a cool well ventilated area, protected from hot sun, rain and freezing. Under these conditions, the product can be kept in its original unopened packaging for 18 months


The Arcathane Traffic coat must have a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm and a maximum thickness of 0.3 mm.

Standard domestic foot traffic resistance : 1 coat: 0.200 kg/m²
Frequent and heavier foot traffic : 2 coats: 0.200 kg/m²

One 3.6kg pail will cover approximately a surface area of 16 to 18 m² for standard domestic foot traffic resistance.

Drying time (film 100 microns) : 3 hours
Can be walked on after 24 hours
Curing time : 7 days


with water or acetone immediately after use


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