Topic: Waterproofing

Hi I have a building 45m long that is leaking through the floor. It's a new build concrete base floor with double skin block and brick walls positioned on top of the concrete slab. There is a 1-2inch overhang gave from the bottom of the brick work to the edge of the slab on the exterior wall. We have water coming in and need to find a way to make this water tight because it's a residential and offices that will be going into the interior. What will be the best solution and with what product. I'm keen to keep a good appearance from the outside as this is above ground level

Thank you

Re: Waterproofing

Hi and thank you for your questions you have multiple options regarding your problem:

First of all could you please kindly let us know if the floor has slop (standing water when it is raining?) Do you need to be traffic resistant?

FOR NON SLOPED SURFACE (standing water)

*If you do not have slop and you do not need traffic: … races.html

*If you do not have slop and you do need traffic, you will need to apply a last coat of ARCATHANE TRAFFIC: … affic.html


* If you do not need traffic: … paint.html

*if you do need to be traffic resistant: … affic.html

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