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I attach a saw tooth hanger on the back so it's ready for hanging when you take it out of the box! I do sign the back of the plaque as well. This would look beautiful hanging anywhere in your home and would be especially decorative in a children's room or nursery. My inspiration for this cute giraffe is my oldest daughter Crystal, who has loved and collected giraffe dcor since she was a little girl.
No, Park didn't get kidnapped and didn't get his organs harvested at Raleigh. However, it wasn't until he finally was relegated from the league on Winterfox in the spring of 2015 where he finally caught his first big break. As his struggling team was pushed down into the minor leagues, Park left the organization and signed with the established Counter Logic Gaming for the 2015 summer season..
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We go into this election with current total government debt relative to GDP in Canada, both provincial and federal combined, at 113 per cent versus 103 per cent back in 1990. Tack on business and household indebtedness, and this ratio is at 290 per cent versus 197 per cent back then, and a level that would even make the Italians blush. Add in Canada rising net external liabilities, and the picture for the Canadian dollar is no Tom Thomson masterpiece to say the least today 3 per cent current account deficit to GDP ratio is not that far off the 4 per cent level prevailing the last time the Ontario NDP took office back in 1990.
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