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WOW: Warrior

General skills

Heroic Attack - A skill that greatly increases your next attack power.
Tear armor - your next attack weakens the target's armor. The tear armor can be added 5 times. Continue to weaken the target's armor to make them more hurt. Tear armor will not be added to the armor, but it can be added to the fire of the elf.
Shield Strike - immediately hits the target, a 75% chance. Cannot be used in a violent posture.
Broken ribs - Your next attack will cause additional damage and have the opportunity to delay the enemy's action for a while. It is best used to prevent the enemy from escaping quickly. Can also be used for escape. It can be used in both combat and violent postures.

In general, the warrior's combat power is very high, especially in offensive aspects are better at melee. There are many damage skills for warriors. Basically all of these attack skills are prepared for melee. In regular skill, revenge skills can defeat nearby enemies with lower health in a matter of seconds, and can basically hit the commandments. If you want a better bonus, Buy WOW Classic Gold is recommended to enhance the fighter's auxiliary combat effect. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can purchase our upgrade service: WOW Classic Boosting, upgrade through 24H non-stop mobs, free of your worries

Tearing the wound - your next attack will bleed the target. In addition to your conventional weapon damage, your target will also suffer from bleed damage for a while. This trick should be used when the battle begins.

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