Topic: If you utilize Fragmentation shot right before Snapshot

Double Fold Ranged: Cycle through the RS gold basics Fragmentation shot, Needle Strike, Piercing shot, Ricochet, and then use thresholds Snapshot, Rapid Fire, Tight Bindings in any order. Bombardment works also in the event that you have critters near one another and have spare adrenaline. 2h Ranged: precise same as previously but swap Needle Strike for Dazing shot.

2h Magic: cycle through principles Dragon breath, string (ONLY if targeting numerous monsters, it's just semi-effective as a basic against a single target) Combust, Sonic Wave, Impact, Wrack, then alternate thresholds Wild Magic and Asphyxiate. Double Fold Magic: exact same as above but swap Sonic Wave for Concentrated blast. I barely if ever utilize 2h Melee so dunno much there.

A few helpful tips: If you utilize Fragmentation shot right before Snapshot the harm per second is incredible. Should you use Bombardment before Tight Bindings you get a very nice damage pile. If you have Sacrifice utilize it as often as possible, attempt to find the ones KO's with it for big heal. Berserk works too for Melee but is not that great for Slayer considering it only lasts for 20 seconds. Also ask some PK'ers they really understand what is up with battle and I've probably left out a lot.

Really wish I could provide a good answer to this issue but I haven't completed the study since the battle improvements upgrade which changed many abilities. The issue is that Jagex has really, really terrible communication between their writers and code men, and both website and ingame descriptions tend to be completely false in contrast to the real code. An example of this is Wild Magic pre combat improvements: Its ingame and website description says that it must do between 25% and 250% damage, while in cheap OSRS gold reality it did 73 percent -219% damage. You will find many other mislabeled abilities pre combat improvements.

Re: If you utilize Fragmentation shot right before Snapshot

Fracture Shot is a Ranged fundamental black fur coat long capacity and one of three drain capacities ... In the event that the adversary moves during this drain, the ensuing harm will be ... Restricting Shot will disallow both of these moves, so it is ideal to try not to utilize it before Fragmentation Shot. ... Take your #1 fandoms with you and never overlook anything.

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Re: If you utilize Fragmentation shot right before Snapshot

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